Burnley Golf Cub take our responsibility to ensure the safety of all members and the community very seriously. 


We will always work in cooperation with the Yarra City Council, Yarra Leisure and their staff, supporting their COVID SAFE plans, procedures and protocols. At all times the Yarra City Council and Yarra Leisure COVID SAFE plans, procedures and protocols will take precedence of any Club procedures. These can be referred to on the Yarra Lesiure website: https://leisure.yarracity.vic.gov.au/golf/covid-19-measures-at-burnley-golf-course

The following our our COVID Safe documentation:

Burnley Golf Club Inc - COVID Safe Procedures

Burnley Golf Club Inc - COVID Safe Plan

If you have any questions regarding our Burnley Golf Club Inc COVID Safe procedures or Plan, please Contact:

Greg Taylor                                          Gary Hansen

Secretary                                             President

Burnley Golf Club Inc.                       Burnley Golf Cub Inc

0409639319                                        0419 616 998


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