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Burnley Golf Club - AGM - 8th September 2021

The 2021 AGM has held 8:00pm on Wednesday 8th September 2021 via Zoom.

All committee positions were filled and the following is the Burnley Golf Club committee for 2021/2022

President: Gary Hansen

Vic President: John Walter

Secretary: Greg Taylor

Treasurer: Paul Woolfenden

Capitan: Ken Ladson

Handicapper: Jim Panotopoulos

General Committee: Geoff Shadbolt, Judy Ince, Ravi Renjen

AGM Documents

Minutes of the AGM held 8th September 2021

Financial Reports:

Treasurers Report

2021-Balance Sheet

2021-P&L Sheet

Schedule 1 association EOY

Mixed Competition


With temporary changes to the layout of the course due to safety concerns the course rating and indexing has been temporarily changed. From 19th August 2019:

Mens New Slope and Scratch rating:

Par 64

Men's Slope Rating     101

Scratch Rating              61

Female New Slope and Scratch rating;

Par 64

Female Slope Rating   102

Scratch Rating               62

A new Initial index for each hole has been created. Indexing will be reviewed after we have sufficient competition history on the new layout.

This new course layout and the new ratings are only temporary until the council decides a longer term play regarding course layout.

Further information is available Ken Ladson / Peter Musch or from the Golf Australia  website.



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