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G.A. Course ratings

TEE NAME                                                        Par                        Scr                    Slope Rating

Men's Blue Markers                               66                         63                     104        
Women's Red Markers                        66                         65                     105           

Course map and card

See the Local Rules page under the Course tab for a full list of local rules

Hole Description


Hole 1 / 10 Par 4, 284m

The nets on the left side of the fairway obscure part of the green forcing most players out to the right to avoid them. If you do tangle with them and you are lucky they will push a wayward drive back onto the fairway. A slightly sloped green with a bit of challenge if the pin is set near the back left. The fairway narrows significantly at the end of the last fence before turning left so longer hitters need to be careful in avoiding the nets they don't put it into the trees.


Hole 2 / 11 Par 4, 255m

A straight hole with nasty trees and OOB to the left. If you hook badly your ball will be catching the train to Flinders St! A bunker has been added to the front left corner of the green and the new green now has two tiers. The lower tier results in the flag nearly always being behind the bunker at the front. In either case the best play is to go down the right side of the fairway and take the bunker out of play on the second shot. Additionally, if the flag is on the lower tier then the ridge up can be used as a backstop.


Hole 3 / 12 Par 4, 323m

The longest hole on the course doglegs gently to the right. New bunkers on the left side of the fairway protect the OOB if you hit a long drive down that side.   If you can place your drive to the right of the bunkers it a nice 150m approach shot to the green. A ridge to the right of the green helps keep any slightly off line shots on the green, if you go left then there's a bunker waiting... The green is one of the firmer ones and there is a gentle ridge that runs diagonally across the green from right to left, back to front. Pin placements on the ridge are tricky to putt to as if you miss by only a bit the ball can take off again.


Hole 4 / 13 Par 4, 313m

One of the more challenging holes, updated in 2009 to make it harder. In competition this hole is used as the Long Drive Hole. Forgiving fairway with only a fairway bunker on the right to worry longer hitters.  If the pin is on the front half of the green then anywhere on the fairway is OK. However, if it's in the back half of the green, the pin will be unreachable due to the large tree on the right. To add insult to injury, any approach shots that fade out right and are caught by tree are likely to drop straight down into a deep bunker that has been added. A ridge is at the back of the green to reduce to chance of going over the back, though if you do a drop zone has also been added off to the right, so no more getting stuck on the boundary fence!


Hole 5 / 14 Par 4, 288m

 Be warned: it's tempting to cut the dogleg by hitting it over or under the big gum tree on the left. If you go high you are really going to have to wallop it or it will drop like a stone. If you go low you need to hit it well as the sand rough can easily catch or slow the ball. Either way if you end up on the left side of the fairway or rough there is a large tree obscuring the approach to the green that is not visible from the tee.  Better to go centre down to the fairway and give yourself a clear approach to the raised green. As the newest green on the course it is usually rock hard and the balls tends to keep rolling.  A nasty bunker to the right of the green has ruined many members’ rounds as inevitably, in getting the ball out of the bunker, it has rolled off the other side of the green.


Hole 6 / 15 Par 3, 117m

A simple straight Par 3, remodelled in 2009. The rough off the back of the green is usually long and can be difficult to play out of if you go through the green, if you can find your ball! The green has a large mound on the front left and so shots to the left of the green can either hit the front of the mound and stop, or careen left into the rough. Alternatively if you hit the back of the mound the ball will almost inevitably bounce through the green unless it is very wet. Safe play is to aim centre/right where a good shot will stay on the green.


Hole 7 / 16 Par 3, 150m

This used to be the hardest hole on the course and you can still see the old green in the background off the tee. Now a medium par three at 150m the green on this hole is significantly titled from right to left with a narrow opening to the green guarded by a bunker on the left. The fairway has a downhill slope to the left so rolling balls tend to go towards the bunker to the left of the green. In trying to keep right many balls end up caught up on the ledge to the right of the green leaving an almost impossible downhill chip. Even though it has been shortened, it's still not easy.


Hole 8 / 17 Par 4, 220m

After a hard hole, the easiest hole. At 220m from the back tees most are capable of getting to the green in one on a good day, if you can hit it straight! The slight downhill tilt of the fairway to the right helps avoid the fairway bunker on the left and any hard low running shots are likely to skip through the bunker. Even if you are caught, it is not a particularly difficult bunker to get out of. A large tree to the front right and a bunker to the back left can make the approach a little tricky. Finally, the green has a steep slope on the front and front pin positions can be tricky to putt to but compared to hole 7 not as bad.


Hole 9 / 18 Par 3, 182m

The last hole was remodelled in 2009 and now presents a tough challenge. The fairway bunker on the right should only trouble very short hitters. What is more concerning is the bunker on the left tucked into the inside of the kidney shaped green. Additionally, if the pin is on the right you need to be careful as there is a bunker behind the right side of the green that is not visible from the tee, should you take too much club. The left bunker should not offer a problem if the pin is in the right half of the green, but definitely comes into play on when the pin is in the "championship" position on the left. Seriously, you have to be able to carry 180m+ and then have the ball stop in 3-4 metres to get close to a left pin placement. Smart play is to go to the right and accept that you will have a long putt/chip to try to make par.

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