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Match Play Championships

Any queries regarding rules for the match play championships please contact Michael Castle or e-mail us

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Burnley Golf Club - Match play Championship

Following the great interest and success from our first ever Match Play Championship last year, the Committee are very excited to announce that we have made the match play championship a part of our annual schedule for members.

There will be two separate competitions run. A scratch event and a handicap event which will be open to all members both male and female. The idea is to have these completed before the start of the Pennant series next March. This championship will give pennant players valuable practice, while giving those who haven't played pennant a chance to experience the match play format, which by all accounts is one of if not the most enjoyable forms of golf!

Below is the details and rules for the Match play championships

Format: Match play

Fee: $10

Start Date: Play-off rounds to be completed and, Knock-out rounds commence mid February.


1. Scratch comp - No handicaps

2. Handicap comp - Handicaps as at time of draw apply throughout the comp.

3. Course index is based on the Match play index system (please note this is different to Burnley's indexing)

4. The draw is random, each player being selected into a group for Play-off rounds.

5. In the Play-off rounds each play plays the other players in their group.

     * Win = 4 points,     

     * Draw after 18 holes = 2 points.  

     * A If the game goes to 16th and you lose = 1 point. 

     * Player with the most points at the end of play-offs proceeds to knock-out rounds.

6. Play-off rounds must be completed by the nominated date, any match not played will not be awarded any points.

7. The handicap group winners along will go through to the elimination rounds

8. For Scratch the 2 group winners will go through to the final

9. If a player withdraws from the comp or gives a walkover a 2&1 victory will be awarded in each opponent in the group

10. At the completion of the Play-off rounds a random draw for the Knock-out phase will be published.

11. In knock-out phase, if an agreement cannot be reached to play the round within 3 weeks both players will be eliminated.

12. The match must take place at Burnley and be over 18 holes (back to back 9 holes)

13. The Match Committee has full discretion over disputes and their decision is final.

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